Recommendations for the use of admixtures

Cementos Yura recommends that you carry out a laboratory testing program to optimize admixture dosages with the blended cements/cement mixes and aggregates that will be used on site.

Dangers of Excess Water in Concrete

Controlling the mixing water in concrete dosage is essential and important to achieve the best results in all types of constructions.

Works for taxes

YURA Cement invests in Works for Taxes

Yura has been carrying out different projects in the district of Yura with the modality of Works for Taxes with an investment amount of more than 40 million soles.

Donation of a Medical Oxygen Plant to the Honorio Delgado Regional Hospital

On September 9, 2021, we made the donation of a medical oxygen plant to the Honorio Delgado Regional Hospital to combat COVID-19

First Specialized Pediatric and Children Cancer Hospital in Peru “VIDAWASI PERU”.

We are allies in the construction of the first Specialized Pediatric Hospital and Children’s Cancer Hospital in Peru, “VIDAWASI PERÚ.” Through the donation of 20,000 bags of cement, 10,000 of which were delivered in 2021


2023 EMA Awards

Thank you Peru! Yura Cement has been recognized as one of the 10 most admired companies in the country! We are proud to receive this recognition, highlighting financial management and talent management and transformation. The passion we put into our daily lives will continue to be the DNA of YURA cement. Thank you PwC and […]

2022 EMA Awards

Yura Cement receives recognition for being one of the most admired companies in the South Macro Region. It is a pride to be recipients of this award in the categories of Regional Commitment and Gender Equity. This logo reflects the work, passion, and commitment we have for the progress of our region and the entire […]

2021 EMA Awards

Yura Cement among the 10 most admired companies in Arequipa For the third consecutive year, we have the honor of receiving the EMA award, which recognizes us as one of the 10 most admired companies in Arequipa. This year, we stand out for our commercial strategy and gender equity. The award ceremony is organized by […]


Karen Nina – Hardware

I feel happy because I am selling and giving satisfaction to the builder and the construction owner.

Emilio Tovar – Partner of AConstruir

I feel good because YURA is supporting me. It is the only company that is really supporting me.

Gherson Rojas – Partner of AConstruir

We started working with Yura because it is a very well-known international brand with a very good quality.

Jose Rocca – Albafil

My father told me someday you will be a better bricklayer.

Important files

Safe Housing Manual

We provide you with a simple guide for the development of your safe concrete housing project in three stages, in addition to providing you with the necessary support.

Construction Manual

In order to promote greater knowledge to all construction professionals, YURA SA, has developed a Construction Manual, which contains the procedures, recommendations, instructions, etc.

Production Process

Our process for the manufacture of Yura Cement.